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Rental conditions

  • Driving licence must be in Latin alphabet or the client must have international driving licence and at least 2 years of experience of driving and minimum 21 years of age
  • A passport and a permanent driving licence are required, copies of which are retained by the Leasing Contract
  • For the rented car must be paid before the beginning of the rental period. You may pay in cash, by credit cards or to our bank account. In case the car is booked first, the client must pay 20% in advance and the rest of the cost right before the beginning of the rental period
  • All cars are covered by liability insurance according to Estonian rules and damage and theft insurance according to European rules (Super Casco: CDW, TP). Tyres are not covered by insurance
  • At the conclusion of the Leasing Contract must leave 150-200 EUR of guarantee money
  • Cars are delivered with a full tank, cleaned and must be returned in same conditions. If not, any missing liter of fuel will be charged by the price of 1,50 EUR
  • The minimal rental period is 24 hours. Renting with a driver minimal period is 3 hours
  • There is 10 EUR charge for each additional driver
  • Our cars are equipped with tracking devices
  • Rental terms and conditions may change without notification

Nice driving!

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