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Chauffeur service & transfer

Chauffeur serviceChauffeur service & transfer

We offer Chauffeur services (with a driver) for all our cars, vans, and minibuses. Our rent-with-driver services encompass airport transfers, tours, wedding car services, and more.

We strive to tailor the best car hire options for each client. All our vehicles are smoke-free and equipped with air conditioning or climate control.

If you need transportation but prefer not to drive, are unsure of the correct route to your destination, find navigating unfamiliar cities challenging, or simply wish to enjoy a leisurely drive with friends while exploring the city or its surrounding nature, our rent-with-driver service is the ideal solution.

Relax and unwind during your journey, knowing that you’ll always arrive at your intended destination on time and in comfort.


Check out the prices of the services here:

Rent with a driver / Chauffeur drive

 Starting from 3 hours:

Middle Class Car 37 € / h
Representative Car 39 € / h
Cargo Van 37 € / h
Minibus 42 € / h

Rent with a driver / Chauffeur drive

Starting from 6 hours:

Middle Class Car 29 € / h
Representative Car 32 € / h
Cargo Van 29 € / h
Minibus 35 € / h

* Additional fee will be added

Middle class car    I     Representative car     I    Minibus     I     Cargo Van  We offer the chauffeur drive for all our cars, minivans and vans starting from a 3-hour rent up to several days.Transfer service is a chauffeur drive to the customers’ journey from airport to hotel or vice versa. It is also the possibility of transport from  one destination to another, etc.Rent with a driver / chauffeur drive  starting from 3 hours: Renault Megane,  Mazda 3  –   15 EUR / Audi 4,   Mazda 6,  Volvo S80   –   18 EUR / Renault Master,  R / H* Additional f